Adhimutta, Samaneri

  • My Going Forth A samaneri discusses the current monastic landscape and the experience of going forth into homelessness.

Anālayo, Bhikkhu

Anandabodhi, Bhikkhuni

Andrews, Karen

Artinger, Brenna

Bhikkhuni-samyutta Suttas

  • Bhikkhuni-Samyutta Suttas In these suttas, Mara, the personification of doubt and evil, tries in vain to lure bhikkhunis away from their meditation spots in the forest by asking them provocative questions. Without exception, these wise women conquer Mara decisively. Translated by Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi.

Bianchi, June

Bodhi, Bhikkhu

  • The Challenge of the Future How Will the Sangha Fare in North American Buddhism?
  • The Revival of Bhikkhuni Ordination in the Theravada Tradition In this monograph, originally presented at a 2007 conference in Hamburg on “Buddhist Women’s Role in the Sangha,” Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi takes up the arguments used to oppose reviving the Bhikkhunī Sangha, and closely examines the three main areas of contention – novice ordination, the probationary training, and full ordination – offering a positive approach to each (PDF 1.24mb).
  • Dana: The Practice of Giving Selected essays

Boucher, Sandy

Culavedalla SuttaMN44

  • Culavedalla Sutta (MN 44), in which Bhikkhuni Dhammadinna instructs her former husband in the Dhamma.

Dewaraja, Dr. L.S.

  • The Position of Women in Buddhism A fascinating research paper on how womenenjoyed more equality with men in many Buddhist countries until the arrival of the British Empire.

de SilvaSwarna

Dhammadinnå, Bhikkhuni

Ekachai, Sanitsuda

GrossRita M.

  • How American Women are Changing Buddhism American women are taking Buddhism away from its patriarchal past, participating confidently as practitioners, teachers, and leaders. The job is not finished, says Rita M. Gross, one of Buddhism’s leading feminist thinkers, but the role of American Buddhist women is unprecedented and may change Buddhism forever.

Gunasari, Bhikkhuni

Hecker, Dr. Hellmuth

  • Buddhist Women at the Time of the Buddha An exploration of the Therigatha (Verses of the Elder Nuns) from the most prominent German writer on Theravada Buddhism, chronicler of the history of Buddhim in Germany, and leading translator of the Pali Canon.

Horayangura, Nissara


Jayantā Shirley Johannesen

  • Interview with Ayya Medhanandi, founder of Sati Saraniya Hermitage in Canada

Jootla, Susan Elbaum

  • Inspiration From Enlightened Nuns Exploring poems composed by the ancient arahant bhikkhunis (Therigatha), and viewing these poems as springs of inspiration for contemporary Buddhists.

Kramer, Jacqueline

Lottermoser, Dr. Friedgard

Lee, Yu Ban

Mallar, Margo

Medhanandi, Bhikkhkuni

Mrozik, Susanne

Munissara Bhikkhuni

Pembroke, Susan

Santacitta, Bhikkhuni

Sobhana, Bhikkhuni



Sudhamma, Bhikkhuni

  • Longing to Ordain Tracing the origin of contemporary Buddhist ordination of women to Queen Anula, Sri Lanka’s first bhikkhuni, the author recounts her experiences when visiting the Queen’s stupa.
  • Personal Perspective on Vinaya An exploration of Vinaya shows that it contains many hidden treasures waiting to be found by those with the patience and faith to give them a try.
  • Smoothing the Way is her personal journey to ordination.

Sujato, Bhikkhu

  • A Painful Ambiguity An essay on the construction of bhikkhunis as embodied in the early scriptures. The life of the Buddha is designed as a hero myth, and this frames the the origin story of bhikkhunis in mythic, rather than historical, terms.
  • Bhikkhuni FAQ Facts about bhikkhunis and bhikkhuni ordination.
  • Bhikkhuni Vinaya Studies Exploration of issues confronting fully ordained nuns (bhikkhunis) in modern Buddhism. Includes detailed textual analysis based on comparison of the original Vinaya texts (PDF 1.3mb).
  • Bhikkhunis in Theravada A submission to the ongoing dialogue on bhikkhuni ordination in the three main traditions, prepared for the Tibetan Committee of Western Bhikkhunis (PDF 36kb).
  • Dark Matter A special investigation look at the slow progress of bhikkhuni ordination.
  • Full Acceptance The participation of women in the renunciate life.
  • Now is the Time Paper presented at the discussion panel with HH Dalai Lama on the final day of the First International Congress on Buddhist Women’s Role in the Sangha.
  • Vutthapana and Upasampada A technical discussion of Vinaya terminology regarding bhikkhuni ordination, suggesting that certain aspects of the bhikkhuni Vinaya texts were preserved in the oral tradition of the bhikkhunis themselves, separate from the main redaction tradition of the bhikkhus.
  • Who Trains for Two Years? It is often assumed that all women must spend two years training as a sikkhamānā (trainee) before ordaining as a bhikkhuni. This article looks at what this really means.
  • Now Is the Time Paper presented at the discussion panel with HH Dalai Lama on the final day of the First International Congress on Buddhist Women`s Role in the Sangha.

Tathaaloka, Bhikkhuni Theri

Thanasanti, Bhikkhuni

Tsomo, Bhikshuni Karma Lekshe

    • The History of Buddhist Monasticism and Its Western Adaptation An examination of the role of women in the transmission of Bhuddhist monasticism and its adaptation in Western Cultures.
    • Speech on Vimeo. Venerable Lekshe Tsomo explores the origins and extraordinary implications of the contemporary Buddhist women’s movement from her perspective as co-creator of Sakyadhita, the most influential global network of Buddhist women, and as convener of bi-annual international conferences on Buddhist women where scholars, practitioners, artists, and activists exchange ideas and inspiration. Here she examines the most recent gathering, on “Buddhism at the Grassroots”, to illustrate the growth of this unprecedented movement.

Zeki, Mel

Zlotnick, Mindy