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Welcome to the Alliance for Bhikkhunis! As our mission is to support and protect the development of the International Bhikkhuni Sangha, our web presence not only facilitates bhikkhunis to apply for and receive financial support, but is also a venue for sharing their wisdom and their unique contribution of leadership in the Theravada Sangha.

We welcome submissions that reflect the diverse cultural and regional perspectives of Theravada Buddhist monastic and lay practitioners. While not limited to the publication of female contributors, we particularly encourage submission by women. The Alliance for Bhikkhunis is committed to helping Theravada Buddhist monastic and lay voices be heard. Send questions, ideas, and  photos to info@bhikkhuni.net.

We truly look forward to this collaboration with you to support the revival of female monasticism.

In metta,
the Alliance for Bhikkhunis Board

Photo Credits:

slide 1:  Photo by Carol Annable; Bhikkhunis Rattanavali, Dhammamitta, Silananda,
slide 2: Photo by Carol Annable; Procession to begin ordination of bhikkhuni candidates
slide 3: The Pluralism Project http://www.pluralism.org/photosets/view/1128
Venerable Sudhamma Bhikkhuni receives the honor of carrying the Buddhist relic at one of the inauguration celebrations held at the Wat Lao Buddharam Temple in Charlotte, North Carolina.
slide 4: Ayya Tathaaloka Bhikkhuni http://www.flickr.com/photos/25760881@N08/

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Meet Alliance for Bhikkhunis’ president, Michael Bratton, in this in-depth interview with AfB writer, Brenna Artinger. This article covers the influences in his Buddhist practice, how he became president, his experiences as a firefighter at Tassajara Zen Mountain Monastery, and his strong commitment to the growth of the bhikkhuni sangha. In addition, he answers the […]

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We Are In This Together

This article by Brenna Artinger is based on an interview with Venerable Bhikkhuni Thanasanti and discusses compassion and climate change.  Read Amma Thanasanti’s views on Buddhism and climate action, how we are part of this crisis, and how we can make a difference.

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You Just Need to be Hungry

Those who know the gentle Ayya Jayati might be surprised to know that she first encountered the dhamma while learning Japanese martial arts. Her Aikido master taught that the right action doesn’t come out of thought but from being in touch with the present moment. It was this instruction that introduced the 9-year old British […]

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