Projects Funded in 2018

Projects Funded in 2018

Monastic Medical Support

Medical care is one of the four requisites that the Buddha specified as required for living a monastic life.  (The others are food, clothing, and shelter).  We are currently covering health insurance for two bhikkhunis. In addition, we pay for other medical expenses not covered under their insurance. This year we also have supported another bhikkhuni’s health needs.

The need is ongoing and we welcome your support for the monastic medical fund.

Support for Building Tilorien Monastery in Belgium

AfB has contributed $1400 towards the building of Tilorien Monastery. $400 is for general support and $1000 will go towards creating the kitchen.

From the Tilorein website:
In April 2017, the humble beginnings of Tilorien Monastery were formed in the Belgian Ardennes. The Sangha is now living in very basic conditions, in a tree house and a tent in a kind supporter’s garden.

We hope to be able to build a monastery building with facilities for lay visitors and a meditation room. More >>

Contribute towards this project!

Support for Dhammadharini and Aranya Bodhi

AfB has contributed $1200 towards Dhammadharini and Aranya Bodhi.

Ayya Tathaaloka writes, “This is very timely and helpful, as we are considering preparations for Vassa at both our locations, and also preparing Aranya Bodhi to be ready for our “open day” on our Hermitage’s 10th Anniversary Celebration on July 7th.”

Support for Bhikkhuni Ordination in LA in March, 2018

AfB has contributed $400 towards the ordination in March.

From the Samita ASBL website:

We are very happy to announce that Ayya Kathrin Vimalañāṇī’s Bhikkhuni ordination will take place in March 2018 in Los Angeles, with Ayya Gunasari from Mahapajapati Monastery as her preceptor.

Thus Tilorien Monastery will soon have two bhikkhunis to support each other in their practice!

Ayya Kathrin has been a nun for over three years, living and practicing with communities on four continents. May her ordination be an inspiration to her and to many people!

Support for Transportation Expenses to Ordination

AfB contributed $200 towards transportation costs for monastics to attend the bhikkhuni ordination for Samaneri Cittananda on May 12, 2018.

On April 24, 2018 Ayya Santussika and Samaneri Cittananda wrote:

We received the dana for the upcoming ordination–anumodana! We so much appreciate the work you are doing to help the bhikkhuni sangha grow and flourish. It is humbling and heartening to have friends in the Dhamma supporting us as we work to awaken–not only for ourselves, but for all those who will benefit from the presence of fully ordained female monastics in the world.

Reconstruction of Bhikkhunis’ Lodgings and Meditation Hall in Sri Lanka

Through generous donations, AfB has contributed $650 in 2018 to Padukka Mathika Matha Bhikkhuni Aramaya in Sri Lanka which was built fifty years ago and is now quite dilapidated. Bhikkuni H. Supeshala, one of the winners of the 2006 United Nations Award for Outstanding Women in Buddhism in Southeast Asia, has requested much needed assistance for this reconstruction.

Additional funds are needed. Donate!.

General Support

Periodically AfB contributes towards the general support of bhikkhuni monasteries and centers. This year we sent:

  • $300 to ​Ayya Dhammadhira and the Web of Connection in Colorado Springs, Co.
    ​Ayya Dhammadhira

    ​Ayya Dhammadhira

From their website:
The aim of Web of Connection is to foster a greater awareness of humanity’s capacity to live in harmony with each other and the planet we share. We do this through educational programs and demonstration projects that increase knowledge, skills and attitudes for a healthy mind, body and spirit.

  • $1000 donation to Sati Saraniya
  • $800 donation to Aloka Vihara
  • Donations totaling $105 from supporters to Wat Thippayasathandhamma, Thailand

Donation in Memory of Ayya Silavati

$200 donation to Bhante Sujato’s project, Sutta Central, on behalf of the nuns at Wisma Kuslayani in Indonesia, in memory of the late Ayya Silavati.

Ayya SilaAyya Tathaaloka writes:
Ayya Silavati, from Indonesia, ordained a bhikkhuni in the year 2000, was a participant in the seminal Bhikkhuni Seminar at Santi Forest Monastery in early 2008, and the groundbreaking first Bhikkhuni Ordinations at Bodhinyana Monastery in 2009, and continually offered her support up till the groundbreaking Bhikkhuni Ordinations in Indonesia in 2015. After that, her health failed. The Alliance for Bhikkhunis was a part of her support network for her medical treatment, enabling her to live another two years. Now she has passed from us, truly one of the groundbreakers and luminaries in the first wave of the revival of the Theravada Bhikkhuni Sangha.

Dhammasara New Kuti Project

Dhammasara kutiFrom Buddha’s Society of Western Australia’s Website:
Dhammasara Nuns community is growing rapidly as more and more women are interested to commit to live the monastic life.

We are excited to announce that Dhammasara community will be building 4 additional Kutis (Nuns Forest Huts) to accommodate the growing number of nuns in Theravada Forest Tradition.

These Kuti are simple 1-room dwelling with a covered walking meditation path attached, located in the surrounding forest.

A generous donor has contributed $4000 towards this project.