Ordination Dec 3 2017

2018 Bhikkhuni

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News from the Anukampa Bhikkhuni Project

Anukampa Bhikkhuni Project

Ajahn Brahmali’s 1st-8th July Retreat

Registration for this very special residential retreat is open. Ajahn Brahmali, second in command- and demand- to our Teacher Ajahn Brahm, will draw out the map of practice known as ‘the gradual training’ – a practical, step by step guide to the joy of awakening. We feel extremely fortunate to have found a beautiful venue in the hills of Derbyshire’s Peak District National Park with a capacity for fifty residents, and we welcome beginners and experienced practitioners alike. More >>

If you are unable to find 8 days for retreating, don’t worry! Ajahn Brahmali’s programme will commence with a public talk on Friday 29th June and a half-day retreat at Thames Buddhist Vihara on Saturday 30th June. Details for these events will be announced as a soon as possible.

New Ajahn Brahm ‘Real Dhamma’ Tour Videos

Three more talks are now uploaded on Anukampa’s YouTube channel:

‘At Peace With Uncertainty,’ 12.10.17
‘Real Love and Anukampa’ 13.10.17
The opening talk of ‘Unconditional Mindfulness‘ weekend retreat, 13.10.17

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Ayya Silavati

Ayya Sila
It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Ayya Silavati.

Ayya Tathaaloka writes:
Ayya Silavati, from Indonesia, ordained a bhikkhuni in the year 2000, was a participant in the seminal Bhikkhuni Seminar at Santi Forest Monastery in early 2008, and the groundbreaking first Bhikkhuni Ordinations at Bodhinyana Monastery in 2009, and continually offered her support up till the groundbreaking Bhikkhuni Ordinations in Indonesia in 2015. After that, her health failed. The Alliance for Bhikkhunis was a part of her support network for her medical treatment, enabling her to live another two years. Now she has passed from us, truly one of the groundbreakers and luminaries in the first wave of the revival of the Theravada Bhikkhuni Sangha.

Newsletter from Awakening Truth

Read January’s Newsletter from Awakening Truth where Amma Thanasanti writes about her experiences of the last 2 months: the fires in Santa Rosa, her health, and awareness and love.

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Header Photo: Bhikkhuni Ordination of Samaneri Anuruddha and Samaneri Niyyanaka – 12/3/17 by Larry Pitts