Founded in 2007, the Alliance for Bhikkhunis is a US-based 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization committed to supporting ordained Theravada Buddhist women. Our focus is to support and protect the development of the international Bhikkhuni Sangha through education, sustainable economic empowerment, provisioning of health care, and organizing and mobilizing for a gender-balanced approach to Theravada monasticism.

What We Do

  • We educate lay practitioners about the essential role bhikkhunis play in protecting and spreading the Dhamma.
  • We raise funds to support bhikkhunis as they assume leadership roles and develop skills that enable them to be of service to their communities, both practically and spiritually.
  • We uphold the indispensable role monasticism plays in preserving the Buddha’s teachings.

Mission Statement

  • To work diligently toward the establishment of a thriving Theravada bhikkhuni sangha in the U.S. and abroad.
  • To encourage the emergence of bhikkhuni Dhamma teachers and support them as they enter communities new to the Buddha’s teachings.
  • To develop community-based viharas which address the practical and spiritual needs of families and individuals, enabling lay practitioners to integrate the Dhamma into every facet of their life.

Actions to Achieve our Mission

  • Foster spiritual dialogue, teaching, and counseling between monastics and the lay community.
  • Assist viharas and Fourfold monasteries that are already in existence and donate funds for the development and construction of new temples and monastery.
  • Assist viharas and monasteries that are dedicated to training female monastics in preparation for full ordination.
  • Develop community-based viharas which instruct lay practitioners in the Dhamma and provide opportunities for practice. These viharas help educate children and adolescents on morality and skillful living, offer hospice care and other needed services to the ill and to aging populations, and provide services which enable lay practitioners to place the Dhamma at the center of their lives.

Current Activities

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