Present Winter 2012

Present Winter 2012

Volume 5 | Issue 1


4…A Sima of Flowers: An Interview with Ayya Ananadabodhi and Ayya Santacitta
Two newly-ordained women speak of their journey from siladharas to bhikkhunis.
by Donna McCarthy and co-authored by Ayya Anandabodhi and Ayya Santacitta

11…Zhao Hui (1957- ): An Innovative and Reforming Taiwanese Bhikkhuni
An examination of a bhikkhuni’s efforts at implementing the essence of the Vinaya.
by Dr. William Chu

15…Unveiling Bhikkhunis in Oblivion: What Deccan Cave Inscriptions Reveal about the Ancient Bhikkhuni Sangha
Epigraphical evidence for the pivotal role bhikkhunis played in preserving the Dhamma.
by Dr. Rupali Mokashi

27…Bhikkhuni Nirodha on Ordaining and Renunciation
Australian-based bhikkhuni reveals what it means to ordain and renounce.

29…Etaṃ Santaṃ: Etaṃ Panītaṃ (This is Peaceful, This is Excellent)
Reflections on monastic life at Aranya Bodhi Hermitage, California, USA.
by Marajina, Samaneri

31…Reflections from Around the World on the 1st Annual International Bhikkhuni Day
Participants celebrating the revival of the Bhikkhuni Sangha share their experiences.
by Sarah Conover

present2012-cover-thmbWinter 2012 | Volume 5 | Issue 1
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34…President’s Letter
Further Thoughts on the 1st Annual International Bhikkhuni Day

News in Brief

40...An Interview with Martine Batchelor
by Jacqueline Kramer

46…Excerpts from An Unentangled Knowing
Teachings of the Thai Buddhist Laywoman Upasika Kee Nanayon,
translated by Thanissaro Bhikkhu

49…Film Review of The Island (Ostrov)
by Sarah Conover

51…Book Review of Into the Heart of Life
By Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo
Reviewed by Bonnie Schwab

54…Book Review of The Best Buddhist Writing 2011
Edited by Melvin McLeod
and the editors of Shambhala Sun
Reviewed by Sarah Conover