Projects Funded in 2017

Projects Funded in 2017

Monastic Medical Support

Medical care is one of the four requisites that the Buddha specified as required for living a monastic life.  (The others are food, clothing, and shelter).  We are currently covering health insurance for one bhikkhuni during 2017. In addition we pay for her other medical expenses not covered under this insurance.

The need is ongoing and we welcome your support for the monastic medical fund.

Retreat Fund

AfB is the steward of a fund for supporting nuns to attend retreat at the Forest Refuge. IMS has requested that we ‘hold’ these funds and disburse as needed. With this support, Ayya Canda’s traveling expenses and both Ayya Adhimutti’s and Samaneri Parayana’s retreat fees have been covered.

Donation for Frozen Pipe Damage

Buddha in Snow
Funds in the amount of $350 were contributed towards fixing the frozen and burst pipes and floor board damage at Sati Saraniya Hermitage which occurred during the difficult winter of 2016. The majority of this donation came from a generous 80+ senior who donated $250 on first hearing of the difficulties at the Hermitage.

Reconstruction of bhikkhunis’ monastic lodgings

Padukka Mathika Matha Bhikkhuni Aramaya
Padukka Mathika Matha Bhikkhuni Aramaya in Sri Lanka was built fifty years ago and is now quite dilapidated. Although the three-fold shrine has been rebuilt, the kutis are no longer usable and Bhikkuni H. Supeshala, one of the winners of the 2006 United Nations Award for Outstanding Women in Buddhism in Southeast Asia, has requested much needed assistance to complete these lodgings.

There have been donations totally $300 so far in 2017. Donations totaled $3,250 during 2016. Additional funding is needed. On July, 2017 she wrote, “Currently we are planning to start the construction of the roof which will cost approximately $5250 for both material and labor.”

Please visit our donation page to contribute.

Purchase of Land for Sri Lankan Kutis

Land for Kutis

AfB has contributed to the purchase of land for Sri Lankan bhikkhunis by providing a conduit for funds which were collected and repaid to a generous supporter who had provided a loan for the cost of the land and the first retreat kutis. This has been of significant help in establishing this facility, the Nelligala Bhikkhuni project, located at an inspiring and serene location, on top of a mountain outside of Kandy, Sri Lanka. These lodgings are for both local and international Bhikkhunis to use for the practice of meditation and furthering their spiritual path.

Travel Support

AfB is frequently called on to help with Bhikkhuni transportation. This year we have supported:

  • $1500 for tickets for monastics to be able to attend Samaneri Ahimsa’s bhikkhuni ordination at Buddhi Vihara in Santa Clara on August 26.

    Anandabodhi Bhikkhuni writes:

    A big Anumodana to all of you for your generous dana of $1500, offered to support the ordaining sangha to travel to take part in the ordination for Samaneri Ahimsa, now Bhikkhuni Ahimsa!

    Please see more about the ordination at this link.

    Your donation covered the air travel of:

    • Ayya Sudarshana, Florida
    • Ayya Gunasari, Palm Springs
    • Ayya Sudhamma, North Carolina
    • Samaneri Parayana (Ayya Gunasari’s attendant), Palm Springs

    It also supported the travel costs by car of 5 senior bhikkhus from Sacramento and LA to make up a full sangha of bhikkhus. There were two more junior bhikkhus at Buddhi Vihara, but the bhiikkhus we invited gave more gravitas with their many years in the robes, as well as making up the required minimum numbers.

    • Bhante Shantharakshitha, Sacramento
    • Bhante Dhammika, Sacramento
    • Bhante Jinasiri, Sacramento
    • Bhante Suthadara, LA
    • Bhante Sumana, LA

    I know that when we requested support from you for travel we only asked for the bhikkhunis but since there was still $500 available after the bhikkhunis travel costs were covered we also used AfB dana to help get the bhikkhu sangha to the event. The ordination could not have happened without them.


  • Ayya Sudhamma in the amount of $500 for her trip from Charlotte, NC to join the Dhammadharini community in CA for their meditation retreat.
  • Ayya Tathaaloka in the amount of $300 for Toronto airfare from San Francisco to attend and present to the XVIIIth Congress of the International Association of Buddhist Studies (IABS), to be hosted by the Department for the Study of Religion, at the University of Toronto, Canada, August 20 – 25, 2017.
  • $300 towards the purchase of tickets and fees for Sāmaṇerī Niyyānikā to travel to the International Association of Buddhist Studies Conference in Toronto in August, 2017. She will accompany Ayya Tathaaloka who is presenting at the conference in association with the Bhikkhuni Vibhanga project. This contribution helps with airfare and accompanying person conference registration.
  • $200 travel grant for bhikkhunis traveling from Yucca Valley, to LA, to Berkeley and back for the Fourth International Tipitaka Chanting, taking place in Berkeley at Mangalam Centers from Sep 22-24.

General Support

Periodically AfB contributes towards the general support of bhikkhuni monasteries and centers. This year we have contributed to: