Projects Funded in 2015

Projects Funded in 2015

Monastic Medical Support

Medical care is one of the four requisites that the Buddha specified as required for living a monastic life.  (The others are food, clothing, and shelter).  We are currently covering health insurance for one bhikkhuni during 2015. We are also contributing towards her dental care. The need is ongoing and we welcome your support for the monastic medical fund.

Travel Expenses

With donated funds AfB has contributed $180 for Ayya Sudhamma to travel from North Carolina to the Insight Mediation Society’s Forest Refuge in Massachusetts during March 2015.

Educational Support for 3 Nuns


AfB donated $1400 towards the education of three nuns at the Sakyadhita Training Center in Gorakana, Panadura, Sri Lanka.

Airfare for trip to Germany

With donated funds we are supporting Ayya Sudhamma to travel to Germany to assist with an ordination in June at Aneñja Vihara.

AVSignDonation to the Saranaloka Foundation for purchase of property for Aloka Vihara

Through the generosity of your donations, we have donated $1000 towards the purchase of the 17-acre rural property and house in the Sierra Foothills that has been rented for Aloka Vihara since May 2014. Read more >>

Donation to the Santi Forest Monastery for travel to Indonesia

Thanks to your donations, AfB has contributed $1000 towards travel to the upcoming Bhikkhuni Ordination (Upasampadā) of Samaneri Jenti and Samaneri Sukhi on June 21, 2015 in Indonesia. These funds will also support their participation in the Sakyadhitta 14th International Conference on Buddhist Women in Indonesia, with Ajahn Brahm and others attending.

Repair of the Dhamma Moli Women’s Monastic Residence due to Earthquake Damage

AfB has processed over $8,000 to repair Dhamma Moli’a monastic residence after the devastating earthquake in Nepal. These funds were obtained both by AfB agreeing to act as a financial pass-through for another organization without tax deductible status, and through our website announcements.

Travel Support for Nuns at Dhammasara

AfB has donated $166 for 2 nuns from Dhammasara in Australia to attend the 9th Global Buddhist Conference in Perth.

Donation Towards a Permanent Monastery for Dhammadharini Bhikkhunis

AfB has donated $1500 towards the purchase this property which is a beautiful compound perched on a western flank of Sonoma Mountain above the small city of Penngrove, just south of Santa Rosa. Spread out over 1 ¾ acres are multiple buildings, a light-filled accessible meditation hall, a space that can be remodeled into private monastic cells, a kuti for solitary retreats and male visitors, and a 2 bedroom 2 and ½ bath house. The most outstanding aspect of this dwelling, and the whole space, is the sense of purity and quiet, so the visitors will feel they have left their busy lives behind and entered a sacred space. More >>

Donation to Wat Thippayasathandhamma, Thailand

templeAfB has donated $300 towards the completion of the Uposatha/Ordination Hall at Wat Thippayasathandhamma, Yor island, Songkhla province, Thailand.

Funds are still needed for this Uuposatha Hall. Donate!

Travel Expenses for Ayya Satima

With donated funds, AfB sponsored the airfare in the amount of $242 for Ayya Satima to travel between Colorado Springs and Charlotte NC for a visit with Ayya Sudhamma.

Ayya Sudhamma writes, “Living alone, I wish very much for companionship of my dear Bhikkhuni sister and friend, 80 year-old Ayya Satima (aka “Achie” = “Grandmother”). It is not yet clear to me how long Achie may be able to pay a visit, but even just a few weeks would be a great blessing to me and supporters here in Charlotte.”

Printing Expenses for a Reprint of the the Bhikkhuni Patimokkha

AfB has contributed $500 towards the printing cost of the third edition reprint of the Bhikkhuni Patimokkha booklet.

From Ayya Tathaaloka: “The third edition reprint of the Bhikkhuni Patimokkha booklet in roman Pali and English is to be used for the bhikkhunis’ Patimokkha recitation on our fortnightly Uposatha observance. It is newly reedited, correcting previous errors which were noted over the past five years, and also contains an updated appendix of a few of the related procedures associated with the Uposatha observance and Patimokkha recitation, that have been requested by the bhikkhunis to be included. It is a small pocket book, containing very basic essential information

“This booklet is meant to “hold us over” for the next 5-10 years while the Bhikkhuni Vibhanga Project work is going on. When finally complete, the Bhikkhuni Vibhanga Project will auto-generate a new concordant edition of the Bhikkhuni Patimokkha.”