Projects Funded in 2014

Projects Funded in 2014

Project:  Aranya Bodhi Hermitage – Funds to complete construction of the new communal library/office studio

Location: Aranya Bodhi Hermitage
Amount:  $3350 


Construction of Aranya Bodhi Sangha Hall

In 2013 Ayya Sobhana wrote of the need for the “remediation and rebuilding of our basic hermitage facilities damaged by mold and rodents.” Funds from AfB and donations from many other sources contributed towards this constructions and renovation.  However, at the start of 2014, there still remained the need for a new library/office space.

Ayya Sobhana writes, “Our community had earlier received a grant for a basic structure similar to the individual kutis (meditation huts) at Aranya Bodhi.  But our need was for a Sangha Hall, a structure to be used by the bhikkhunis as a day room, office, small library, and spare sleeping area, all within a 10 x 12 footprint.”

Earlier this year, a most generous donor stepped forward through AfB to offer a significant amount to make this a reality, and through her donations  a warm and livable space was created.

Ayya Sobhana writes that thanks to this “kind support we were able to add several features that make this simple cabin into a multi-purpose space … a generous bay window for seating, another bay for a storage cabinet, a loft for sleeping, and an extension of our solar electric line for power.”

New Translation of the
Bhikkhuni Vibhanga (Monastic Code)

translation-projectThanks to generous donors, AfB has contributed $2800 ($2000 in 2014 and $800 in 2013) in support of an international team of monastics to create a new, digitized and freely available translation of the Bhikkhuni Vibhanga of the Pali texts. Read More 

Ayya Tathaaloka writes after receiving these funds, “This is very good news to return from our hermitage to.  It is a big relief to me that it looks like we will finish this two-month-long intensive session in two weeks in the clear (which is how it now looks).  This is great!  And encouraging.”

Additional funds are needed to bring this project to completion.

Funds to help in Aloka Vihara’s Move to Placerville, CA

viharaWith donated funds, AfB has contributed $500 towards this move from San Francisco to a 17-acre, forested, rented property in Placerville, CA.  Read more

Funds for a vehicle at Aloka Vihara in Placerville, CA

many-hands-helped-to-purchase-our-monastery-car! With donated funds, AfB has contributed $3,500 towards a vehicle needed at Aloka Vihara’s new rental property in Placerville, CA. This property is located about 25 minutes southeast of the Sierra foothills town of Placerville, California–and not so close to public transit!  The Aloka Vihara sangha writes, “We are so grateful to all who contributed to the purchase of the car and would like to give a big “Anumodana!” to Alliance for Bhikkhuni’s who offered $3,500 towards the cost of the car. We feel the wheels of generosity rolling with joy!”  Read more

Support to Carolina Buddhist Vihara

DSCI0027With donated funds AfB donated $500 towards the vihara for a much needed vacuum and ladder with the remainder of the funds to be used for general support.

Support of Newbury Buddhist Monastery in Australia

The Newbury Buddhist Monastery is the new home for resident monastics from the Buddhist Society of Victoria and Sanghamittarama.  It is set in a beautiful  rural area 70 miles from Melbourne.  With donated funds AfB has contributed $500 towards the remaining two lots of land needed for the monastery.  The land will be divided to accommodate bhikkhunis as well as bhikkhus.

Support to Songdhammakalyani Monastery in Thailand

AfB donated $1000 for general funds to Songdhammakalyani Monastery in honor of Ven. Dhammananda’s completion of her 12th vassa, a basic requirement to be a preceptor for bhikkhunis. The monastery is in the process of finishing the roof of Yasodhara Vihara which will be a learning center for Buddhists in general and bhikkhunis.  They can be supported directly at

Airfare for 3 Nuns to Attend the Sakyadhita Conference

With donated funds, AfB is providing airfare for 3 nuns from Bangladesh at $800 each, to attend the 14th International Sakyadhita Conference to be held during the summer of 2015 at Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Contribution to Matching Fund for a Permanent Vihara at Dhammadharini

AfB has contributed $500 towards a matching fund for a  permanent viihara at Dhamardharini.

General Support to Monasteries

With donated funds AfB has contributed $500 each to the following monasteries for general support

Project:  Monastic Medical Support

Medical care is one of the four requisites that the Buddha specified as required for living a monastic life.  (The others are food, clothing, and shelter)  Up until September, 2014, AfB covered health insurance for two bhikkhunis at the cost of about $1280/month. However this coverage is no longer needed since there is no premium charge with their new medical plan under the Affordable Health Care Act.

We now support another bhikkhuni at $296.89/ month until the end of 2014 and will continue in 2015