Projects Funded 2013

Projects Funded 2013

With donated funds we have been able to offer support to bhikkhuni communities around the world. Here are the projects your donations have supported so far in 2013. We express our sincere appreciation to everyone who offered dana in money or in volunteer time to support these projects!

Project: Bhikkhuni Sangha Camp (Ayya Tathaaloka, et. al.)

When: May 27-31, 2013
Amount: $1323

Bhikkhuni Sangha Camp

Photo: Back row: Samaneris Sumedha and Jayati, Ayyas Suvijjana, Anandabodhi, Dhammadhira & Samaneri Santacari Front row: Ayyas Sobhana, Tathaaloka & Sudhamma

Nine bhikkhunis gathered at Aranya Bodhi recently for a rare and precious opportunity to come together for a few days as a community of recluses, to share and learn from one another. Report from Ayya Tathaaloka:

Warm greetings from the quiet peace of the Awakening Forest, our Vesak-week Bhikkhuni Camp now complete.

For 5 days this past week under the bright Vesaka moon bhikkhunis and samaneris from around the country and around the world gathered for “Bhikkhuni Camp”, the third time Bhikkhuni Camp has happened on this hermitage land, although the first time since our hermitage has come into being here.

To read more about the ‘Bhikkhuni Sangha Camp’ please see the following link:

New Translation of the Bhikkhuni Vibhanga (Monastic Code) Ayya Adhimutta, Ayya Tathaaloka, and Alison Hoffman

Location: :  Dhammadharini, Santa Rosa, CA
Initial Amount: $800

The Alliance for Bhikkhunis has seeded a recent request in support of an international team of monastics to create a new, digitized and freely available translation of the Bhikkhuni Vibhanga of the Pali texts. This project would entail reviewing all available comparative Vinaya resources, providing full and clear references across Buddhist traditions. Also known as the “Analysis and Explication” of the monastic precepts, the Vibhanga comprises a full half of the Buddhist Monastic Code of Discipline. The Bhikkhuni Vibhanga is the explication and analysis of the unique discipline developed within and for the ancient bhikkhunis’ communities themselves.

This level of work offers a substantial contribution to further knowledge, understanding and mutual compassion between diverse Buddhist traditions, especially with regards to the related subjects of women’s ordination and monastic discipline, both for those in Theravada traditions to know much more about their peers of other Buddhist monastic traditions, and for those of Chinese, Tibetan, Korean and Vietnamese traditions who would like to understand the discipline and practice of their monastic brothers and sisters in Theravada traditions more deeply. Read more about it in Projects Needing Support.

Mahapajapati Monastery Property Taxes

Location: Pioneer Town, California
Amount Funded: $1500

Alliance for Bhikkhunis has helped Mahapajapati Monastery with their annual property taxes, which were due in Oct. 2013.  Link

Mahapajapati Sangha Abbess Ayya Guṇasāri Bhikkhuni (center), Ayya Dipa Bhikkhuni (left), Ayya Dhammadhira Bhikkhuni (right), Anagarika Paññanāndi (back).

Mahapajapati Sangha
Abbess Ayya Guṇasāri Bhikkhuni (center), Ayya Dipa Bhikkhuni (left), Ayya Dhammadhira Bhikkhuni (right), Anagarika Paññanāndi (back).

Karuna Savena, Czech Republic

Bhikkhuni Visuddhi Requisites
Amount Funded: $300

The monthly cost of requisites for Bhikkhuni Visuddhi is about $500. AfB was able to wire a contribution toward that amount.

Ayya Sudhamma’s Ground Transportation Costs

Attending the Western Buddhist Monastics Conference
Amount Funded: $100

A lay supporter paid Ayya Sudhamma’s airfare from South Carolina to California, but additional funding was need for ground transportation to and from airport and the vihara where she was staying.

Aranya Bodhi Hermitage

Funds needed to complete construction of the new communal library/office studio
Amount Funded: $500