Events Celebrating the 2600<sup>th</sup> Anniversary <br>of the Bhikkhuni Sangha

Events Celebrating the 2600th Anniversary
of the Bhikkhuni Sangha


September 15

Bozeman, MT

The Bozeman Insight Community from 7-8:30 pm at the Bozeman Dharma Center, welcomes Mindy Zlotnick.
She will be offering a presentation called “I Will Not Pass Away..Reinstating the Buddha’s Vision of Gender Equity.”
All are welcome.
Contact: Alice Robison at

September 16

Gotami Vihara Society in Malaysia

Information and schedule

September 16 – the September Full Moon Day

From Friends of Dhammadharini:

Our bhikkhunis will go for special commemorative almsround (pindapata) in Sebastopol and offer outdoor Dhamma sharing there afterwards. All are welcome to participate in offering for the almsround and to join in the Dhamma sharing afterwards.

Later, the bhikkhunis will gather for full moon recitation of the Bhikkhuni Patimokkha (Buddhist women’s monastic precepts) in the Hall of the Factors of Awakening (the meditation hall) at our new Dhammadharini Sonoma Mountain Monastery (for bhikkhunis only).

September 17

South Carolina Buddhist Vihāra

From Ayya Sudinna
The South Carolina Buddhist Vihāra was able to hold a bhikkhuni day on the 17 th of September.

We offered the “Buddha puja”, paid honor to the Buddha at the shrine and then the “dāna” was offered to the bhikkhuni. This dāna was given to share merit with a departed relative. So, a water pouring ceremony too was done after a Dhamma talk.

We also had a sutta discussion based on the Gotami sutta from the Anguttara nikāya. The ordination of Maha Pajapati Gotami, the events leading to it, and the bhikkhuni sāsana in general were interesting topics of discussion. ” Aggasāvikā bhikkhuni in Pali ” was sung and a photo of the proceedings was taken. Everyone liked the program and learned much about the “Bhikkhuni sāsana”.

September 17

From Friends of Dhammadharini:

On September 17th, a 2600 Commemorative Full Moon Daylong Retreat with the Bhikkhuni Sangha will be offered at our new Dhammadharini Sonoma Mountain Bhikkhuni Monastery in Penngrove (schedule and more info here). Ayya Tathaloka is confirmed to offer a commemorative Dhamma teaching at 4pm. All welcome.

September 17

Charlotte Buddhist Vihara

Info and schedule

September 17

San Jose

From Berget Jelane:
I am teaching a 1/2 day in San Jose on that day and will surely dedicate our practice to bhikkhunis around the world!

September 18

From Friends of Dhammadharini:

On September 18th, all are welcome to visit our Aranya Bodhi Awakening Forest Hermitage for a peaceful 2600-Anniversary Day of Dhamma in the redwoods. Ayya Tathaloka is observing the Vassa at Aranya Bodhi, and the 18th is her birthday. She will share a special Dhamma Teaching after the Lunch Dana offering, as well as a walk to the stupa afterwards. RSVP to for directions and more information.

September 18

Awakening Truth

Evergreen, CO
10am to 3pm

September 19

From Friends of Dhammadharini:

Ayya Tathaaloka has been invited to speak at San Jose State University on the topic of Women in Buddhism & the 2600-Year Anniversary.
This event is for San Jose State Contemporary Buddhism course students only.

September 20

From Friends of Dhammadharini:

Ayya Tathaaloka will be speaking on theme with the Dhamma Tuesdays group at Wat Buddhanusorn Buddhist Temple in Fremont, San Francisco East Bay. Meditation and Dhamma from 7-9pm. All welcome.
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September 20

Northeastern University

Boston, MA
From Harrison Blum, MDiv, M.Ed:
We’ll be holding our IBD event Sept 20 from 5:30-6:30pm in Northeastern’s Sacred Space (200 Ell Hall off Huntington Ave) and it’s open to the public.

While beginning with the topic of Bhikkhuni ordination, we’ll expand to a broader conversation about sex and gender in this country.

September 21

From Friends of Dhammadharini:

Ayya Tathaaloka will be joining Oakland Against the Stream at the Peace Center in Oakland for meditation and on-theme Dhamma from 7-8:30pm. All welcome.
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October 1

The Buddhist Society of South Australia will be running a daylong retreat in celebration

You are invited to join with us to celebrate the higher ordination of Ayya Santacari Bhikkhuni and to honour the 2600 anniversary of the founding of the Bhikkhuni order by the Buddha. To do this we will be having a full day [daylong] meditation retreat program. It will be the first time we have held such a program at Dakkhina Dhammatthala.
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Fossano, Italy

As in previous year, the Dojo Zen Sanrin will offer the morning meditation and sutras (followed by tea and sweeties). We do this with joy to celebrate the International Bhikkhuni Day with you all.

Dhammadharini will be offering programs and events commemorating this once in a lifetime centennial throughout this year up to a final culminating event at our Dhammadharini Monastery on the September 2017 Full Moon.